Lavender Lemonade Cupcakes

Aren’t these beautiful?! ​It’s not quite Spring, but these lovely Lavender Lemonade Cupcakes will make you think otherwise.

Right now – in January! – we have these delightful beauties for your taste sensation. A patron ordered these specialty cupcakes for a wedding taster, loved them, ordered them for the wedding and some to take home in the meantime. Well … you know about baker’s dozens and whatnot so we have some extra hanging around for you to love, too.

As a specialty cupcake, we don’t always have Lavender Lemonade (better come in and get these last ones soon), but we’d love to have them for you in two days for any prepaid order. You can start your order via email to busybaker@msn.com.

Lovely AND delicious, you can’t go wrong with our Lavender Lemonade cupcakes!

Happy Birthday!

Please take a moment to wish Cupcakes Bakery & Deli founder and owner, Milli, a happy and blessed birthday!