Customer Q & A: Fresh or Frozen?

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Do you freeze your cakes? ANSWER: No, we do not freeze our cakes or cupcakes.

First of all, we make cakes only by special order, and therefore, have no need of freezing them. They’re made a day or two before pickup or delivery depending on size and difficulty, cooled and then placed in the fridge for ease of decorating. They’re then placed in the fridge again upon completion of decoration because fresh food requires it.

Second, being that are cakes are only made on special order, we don’t have a standard/regular cake that we make and need to stockpile. This is also why cake orders must be prepaid and phoned in at least seven (7) days in advance.

Third, freezing cakes/cupcakes diminishes moisture and flavor, and there’s just no good reason for doing that. Our cupcakes are made fresh and have a 3-day shelf life decorated and about twice that if kept refrigerated not decorated. When you come into the shop and see cupcakes marked reduced, they’re at the end of their shelf life – still great, but not today’s.

Frozen cupcakes and cakes, have most likely been trucked in from the company’s regional facility within three days of baking, and then placed in the local market’s freezer until scheduled to be thawed, decorated and placed out for sale. They’re fine, diminished in moisture and flavor (or filled with preservatives), but not what you want for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion hoped to be remembered forever.

And keep in mind … these fresh, special order cakes and cupcakes cost more than frozen products because they’re made just for you, one of kind and of a different quality.

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Sweet eating!