Cupcakes Around Town 1

I went on a Cupcake Adventure yesterday. It was supes fun. 😊 I chose our Fourth of July Flash cupcake for my evening dessert. Since I hadn’t eaten dinner when I got it, I had to distract myself so I didn’t indulge before the proper time. So … I took the delicious-smelling treat with me on my route home and Instagram was the perfect journal. ^Z

Here’s an invitation for you.

When you buy our cupcakes to go, take some pics of them around town and:
1. Tag us on Instagram @cupcakesdeli AND
​2. Use the hashtags #cupcakesdeli AND #cupcakesaroundtown AND #sweets AND
3. Follow us on IG!

Then, we’ll enter you into a drawing to win a 4-pack of cupcakes!! Yum!
[This giveaway is ongoing so you can participate any time 😀. Participation indicates consent for the use of your #cupcakesdeli photos being used by Cupcakes Bakery & Deli LLC, Tri-Cities, WA.]

See you out in these cupcake streets! 🤣