Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Hey, sweeties 😀

Did you know Milli makes the most-delectable Sweet Potato cupcakes in the world?! Well … she does, and they’re so amazing they’ve become one of our bestsellers. So you know what that means, right? These tasty treats are no longer a specialty cupcake, they’re a regular flavor.

We had a special order for a dozen a few weeks ago, and that was what tipped the scale in their favor. When they consistently sell out AND are ordered by the dozen to guarantee a customer gets as many as they want … we realized we’d better keep them on hand.

Look at those plump, moist cupcakes. And the freshly made sweet potato filling peeking out. I went to the grocery store and bought the sweet potatoes that made it. Ha! Bet you thought I was gonna say I made it. Nope. I have more patience for eating than I do for baking so I only bake when absolutely necessary. I decorate regularly, but when it comes to waiting for and paying attention to an oven timer … let’s just say I’m highly distractable.

The dozen above went out to the order, and another half dozen went out to a special friend of mine. She inboxed me when she saw that we would have these on hand the next day, and asked for six to be set aside. She was at the shop waiting when I arrived. 😂

As she ate one she said that may have been THE BEST cupcake she’d ever eaten. And I’ll just note that she and her mother are pretty spectacular bakers themselves. We don’t take that accolade lightly.

Regular cupcakes are $3/ea and $30 for a dozen. Now through 10/6/18 I’m offering one dozen Sweet Potato cupcakes for $27. Order must be prepaid and requested at least 24 hours in advance. Might be a good idea to order for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s now. Email Milli at busybaker@msn.com with SWEET POTATO SPECIAL in the subject line or call 302-0364. Delivery charges extra.

​Let’s eat!