Thanksgiving Giveaway

Ok, sweeties … because we’re thankful for all of you, we’d like to know who you’re thankful for and add some sweetness to their dinner spread.

We’re giving away one (1) 6-pack of cupcakes to someone YOU’RE thankful for. We will choose two (2) winners. So that means two (2) 6-packs up for grabs.

***To enter someone, comment on our Facebook page, tag them and give a short 3 sentence (high school length, not college length sentences) blurb telling us why you’re thankful for them. 💙

***Winners will be chosen by number of likes received on your comment. Ends Saturday, NOVEMBER 17, 2018.

***Cupcakes must be picked up by the WINNER (person you’re thankful for) by 2 P.M. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2018.

FINE PRINT: Winners must choose from cupcakes available at pickup, and agree to take a photo for media purposes. 😁