Life Gave Her Lemons So … She Made a Cake

Hey, sweeties!

They say when life give you lemons, make lemonade. Well, lemonade is good but if you’re a baker … you make a cake!

A delicious and lightly flavored lemon cake with lemon and cream cheese filling, topped with snow white buttercream icing and lemon drizzle. Yum!

Do you see those big blocks of butter over there?! Yes, sweeties, this cake is homemade, handmade and full fat. Just like in the good old days before frozen and grocery desserts were everywhere. Haha!

I don’t know about you, but that’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it.

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I always say food/eating is a love language. Technically it’s Acts of Service, but I know for sure Milli loves preparing delicious eats for and feeding others. And she put a lotta love into this one. I’m a witness.

We make cakes by special order only so if you’re in need of a homemade, handmade dessert for an upcoming event, please give us a call at 302-0364 or email for a quote to busybaker@msn.com.

​Let’s eat!

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Posted by Zari