Black Forest Cherry Cake

We had the opportunity to make Katie’s birthday cake this year. Her husband called in yesterday and asked if we made Black Forest Cherry (BFC). Guess what … we do! Milli can make just about anything; even if it’s not a regular cake flavor. And cakes are made by special order only so patrons can make requests from quite an extensive menu.

One of the delights of our BFC cake are the dark chocolate chips that are baked into the cake. I don’t quite know how it happens, but they melt and mesh perfectly for taste when the cake is complete and being enjoyed. I suppose it’s just chocolate doing what it’s made to do – make you feel in love, loved and lovely!

Black Forest Cherry is one of our most-popular special request flavors. We make our BFC with cherries inside and on top with buyer’s choice of whipped cream, butter cream or cream cheese frosting. Katie’s cake has whipped cream.

​We made BFC with butter cream cupcakes with gold liners for a 50th anniversary party not too long ago. They were a big hit.

Above left shows the filling and on the right is the cake after the top layer has been placed. Below left is the crumble being added. The right was a practice run for writing on the cake board because I haven’t done it in a while. I know how to do a decent portion of what my mom does, but I only do it when necessary. I generally prefer doing things such as posting her delicious creations on this blog.

Almost finished.

At last… handing it over to another satisfied customer. This was his first time at our shop so we gave him a sample of the cake from the cut ends. He said we may be seeing more of him in the future than we expected. That’s what we love to hear!
Remember us when you need a dessert that tastes spectacular for an event or get together. We’d love to provide the icing on the cake … or cupcakes! Let’s eat!

Posted by Zari